Interaction Design Workshop

Usability Test
Design Culture is a famous Brazilian design blog with the mission to share knowledge for the community about design, advertising and marketing. I'm the facilitator for User Experience Design workshops, and the main objective is to teach junior designers about design and boost their career or engage them to change focus from Graphic to Digital Design.

At each workshop, I bring a real problem to solve and challenge them to create a solution based on User Centered Design principles presented in the classes.
For me, the class is the best place to learn, share knowledge, improve my empathy, listen more, speak less and contribute to students career transformation.
1th Step: Plan
For introduction the students, I talk about career challenge, Ux role, the differences between Ux and Ui Design. After that conversation, the students start their project researching about the problem that needs solve. When finish first step, they created some artefacts to guide them in the next step. Eg., proto-personas profile, empathy map and research data.
2th Step: Prototype
After understanding the problem and user needs, the students start thinking about the solution proposal. Creating user flow, sketches, wireframes in low or high fidelity and prioritising the most valuable feature for the users.
3th Step: Review
For the third step, students start their prototype using Adobe XD, Axure or paper.
4th Step: Review
At this stage, the students write a usability test based in what problem they solve. After this, they test their solutions with another students group to validate and colect feedback.
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Turbogram Redesign