Turbogram dashboard redesign

Product Design
User Research
When I started my job at Leet company, my first challenge was make a  redesign in Turbogram platform, creating a intuitive and functional tool.

Turbogram is an Instagram automation web application, where advertise agencies control clients Instagram profiles, adding automation rules for follow customers profiles, like and comment medias automatically.

Working together with Product Managers and Customers Success team, we collected user feedback from a closed user group and feedbacks sent by users to customers success team. After this step, we created a list with the most relevant feedbacks.

After finished the hypothesis list, we identified three categories of advertise agencies:

• The small agencies between 1 to 10 employees.
• The medium agencies more than 10 to 25 employees.
• The big agencies more than 25 employees.

To validate our hypothesis, we recruited five users from each categories to collect more feedback and understand really what the users needs.
Designing the proposal
After understand the user feedbacks from user interviews, I started the wireframes and the visual design proposal.

This project was a big challenge,  because was my first dashboard and didn't know what the best chart for show different data information.
Final proposal
Bellow a short film interaction between some application screens made in Adobe XD.
Amazon Echo dot
Design Workshop